July 30th, 2012

Ultimate Players: What are your views on spiking?

Is it okay?

Is it okay to an extent?

Should you show good spirit and self control?

I want a wider range of opinions because as the leagues get higher, spiking becomes a more and more common¬†occurrence¬†and spirit seems to drift away due to the competitive nature, and I don’t think that’s okay. But I’d love further opinions…

  1. jewwbear answered: I don’t even almost agree with spiking. I’m all for good sportsmanship
  2. pollen-and-salt answered: Celebrating any good thing that happens in a game is okay, but it shouldn’t be to the extent of embarassing or being obnoxious to an opponent
  3. jeshc93 answered: Spiking is definitely not okay. It’s a huge mock to the person defending you and just shows bad sportsmanship overall.
  4. littlemissfrisbee answered: For callahans only :P
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