May 24th, 2013

A Supernatural Hallelujah.

A parody version of Hallelujah. Apologies for bad singing and what not. I’ve been drinking all day, and this is what happens. A verse for each season.


Sam and dean, they had a mum

Burnt to death by a demon

And John’s gone missing so they better find him

Ghosts are just common trash

The season ends with a car crash

And that’s just the start of supernatural 


Well yellow eyes has a plan for you

He’s picked you from a certain few

To help him let the demons come through

Sammy dies trying to escape him

Dean sells his soul to bring him back again

Just one more heart break from supernatural


Dean’s time is running short

There’s a hell hound who wants him caught

Lilith holds the contract of his soul

Bella dies so Dean will too

There’s nothing that Sammy can do

Deans in hell but that’s just supernatural


Dean is saved by the angel Cas

Who turns out to be quite the badass

While Sam is drinking demon blood from a flask

He also kills Lilith as well

But that frees Lucifer from hell

Just another day with supernatural


Sam and Dean wake up on a plane

And no one can seem to explain

But the angels want the apocalypse to happen

Lucifer cannot be killed

So they have a fight out in field

Sam’s in the cage I guess its supernatural


Dean is out But Sam is back

They get their hunting back on track

Sam has no soul so that is pretty crap

They’re on the search for purgatory

Don’t realise they’re working for Crowley

Cas is God which is weird for supernatural


The leviathans rule through a guy named Dick

Cas is dead but it doesn’t stick

Bobby dies, man these leviathans are pricks

Dick is killed with a righteous bone

To purgatory Cas and Dean are thrown

Sam is left alone in supernatural


Dean is back and Cas as well

They want to close the gates of hell

Sam has to complete three of God’s trials

Metatron seems really cool

But causes all the angels to fall

The season ends so fuck you supernatural


Supernatural is all about friends

Except, it seems, for Jo and Ellen

Everyone comes back to life except them

It always gets me in a rage

That Adam is still locked in the cage

Did we just forget about him supernatural?


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